Document pioneer day experience (at Rio Tinto Stadium)

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Eric Garner is dead and nothing will change because of that. At most, we will see a policy shift that discourages chokeholds which will of course not be abided by. Tomorrow or next week, there will be another Eric Garner. There will be another Eric Garner because there is still an NYPD precinct that wasn’t razed.

Bill Maher’s hair is subtle. It isn’t just combed back like a 90 porn star. It has a certain element of “I have this hair and take myself really seriously” to it.

Who ever does Bill Maher’s hair has mastered the “I’m a complete and utter jackass” look to a level that I didn’t realize was possible

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Sleep on portraits painted as perfect as you

Political cartoon idea

first panel: Jesus saying something that jesus says

second panel: Stupid FAT american christians contradicting that


you are married to your icon for 1 year congrats